Sunday, June 2, 2013

One last bike distribution.

The staff and women from Precious Women Cambodia
On Tuesday I was able to distribute bikes one last time before leaving Cambodia. Leanne, our friend Kristi and myself picked-up and delivered 13 bikes to a ministry called Precious Women which reaches out to former prostitutes and helps them get vocational training.

As we passed out the bikes, talked to the women and prayed for their new training we struck by the reality of our situation. These were 13 prostitutes, some trafficked and some who entered the profession willingly and they were all seeking a new direction. They were working hard to transform their world into something new and something positive after years of harsh reality. We were so proud of them and it was a wonderful time together.

I think that so often people ask Leanne and I about our programs, our funding needs and our ministries. We answer questions about what we do and how we do it but I have come to a conclusion about missions abroad or at home. Very little of or programs have to do with anything else than providing opportunity and dignity to the recipients.

Cambodia Bike Project is not really about the pedals or chains, it is not about transportation or about logistics. It is really a program that provides Cambodians with a possession that they can call their own and and chance to go somewhere new, it provides opportunity and dignity.

CBP is amazing, Prek Pneu is amazing and what missionaries do in Cambodia is amazing because the work is not about numbers, budget, alter calls or Facebook likes, it is about giving people the opportunity to feel like the belong, like they are worth something and that they can be someone.

It has been an opportunity to be a part of CBP because we have seen almost 200 people receive a bike that they can be proud of and a chance to go to school, work or training so they can have skills that give them dignity that we all deserve.

Our distribution on Tuesday reminded me that it is not about the program it is about the people and CBP has been a program that has allowed Leanne and I to touch the lives of a lot of people who we would never cross paths with. We gave them something and they gave us a lot in return.

Another photo with the women, Chris is the tall man in the back in case you could not immediately spot him. 

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