Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summa Time: Chapter 1: Lake City and Denver

We arrived in Denver on a Friday night and headed straight to Chipotle to meet friends and Chris' parents and brother for our wonderful first meal in the States.

We then drove the next day to head to Lake City, CO for a family reunion with Chris' family.  The drive was a beautiful as we remembered and it was awesome being a Colorado tourist.

 We were able to see aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, and grandparents (pictured below is Chris' grandfather, Ernie.)

We four-wheeled in the canyon and ate loads of yummy food!

After Lake City we headed back to Denver to get Emi and Robby married off.  It was a beautiful wedding and we were so happy that we could be a part of their celebration. 

Most of the bridesmaids were friends of mine in college or from our time living in Denver, so it was a special treat to see all of these wonderful women.

Congrats to the Cellas! 
Now we are in NM and enjoying time with family...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Goodbye Logos Seniors! Now go get a job or go to college!

About one month ago, the beloved seniors at Logos graduated. They set sail into uncharted sea of their collective futures - and all that graduation jargon stuff. This was a wonderful class who I have had the opportunity to work with over the past two years.

When I moved to Cambodia, I had these students in my homeroom class and in my Asian Studies course. They were super gracious to an American teacher who just moved to Asia and was teaching Asian studies to Asians. They laughed at my in ability to enunciate Khmer and Korean words. They laughed at my shock that they could all get an A or a B in my class, as one of them told me (of course we are smart, we are not called Bsians!) and they taught me about the cultural nuances of Cambodia, like how to eat sour mango with pepper and salt.

One thing I love about teaching in this school is the ability to have close relationships with students. There were 24 graduates and that means that, in two years, I really seemed to know all of them well. I knew what they loved and hated, what they want to do and what they are afraid of for their futures. I know them, and because I know them, I will miss them.
I had a chance to give the commencement address to this group and I told them at the very end that I cannot imagine Logos without them. Now, 48-hours from leaving for America, I know for sure that this school will not be the same without my class, my senior. They are fantastic and they will do great things - I cannot wait and see  where they go in the coming years.