Thursday, February 11, 2010

Articles in the News

We have had a lot of people recently asking us about what role Leanne will have in working in anti-trafficking. In a brief overview, there are three areas that people work in to end sex trafficking -- prevention, intervention, and after-care. Leanne will be involved in the prevention side of the work, as Asian Hope is an educational based organization, and hope to educate Cambodians on the dangers of trafficking children.

Since human trafficking is such a hot topic among human rights and justice organizations, below are a few links found in the news about sex trafficking in Cambodia, to help people better understand what is going on.

The first link is a set of articles from the New York Times written several years ago by Nicholas Kristof. Kristof has been involved in trafficking for several years in Cambodia, and you can read some of his stories in this article (there are 5 consecutive stories, make sure you read them all to get the full story) listed on the lower left hand side of the webpage below his profile. He also just recently wrote the best-seller Half the Sky, about women’s rights in many different capacities worldwide.

The second link is from an article from CNN about another big profile name, Aaron Cohen, who works to stop sex trafficking of young children in Cambodia. This article was just written this week and goes over the urgency in helping these victims.

The third link is a YouTube clip on a story done by CNN's Anderson Cooper on a trip he took to Phnom Penh to uncover the crime of child sex slaves.

Anderson Cooper Reports from Cambodia

If this is something you would like to read more about other great books out there on the topic of trafficking are Disposable People by Kevin Bales, Terrify No More and Slave Hunter by Gary Haugen (President of International Justice Mission), and again Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof.